How to design a beautiful home

A prospective home owner? having a picture in mind of exactly how your “dream home” should look like.It is difficult and rare to find a ready made home that fits your vision. When designing your own home there are many things to consider,and through the following process you will be able to get that home that you envisiom

It is very important to have a vision,this is a foresight of exactly what you want. At the very early stage of this process it is all about your desires and how you define them but since this is your dream home most of this things will already be familier to you because you already know what you want. But before you do anything like buying softwares and consulting with an architech,you need to attend open houses on weekends and when you are free. It is also very important to visit your favourite neighbours’ house in this phase. This is very important as each home you visit will have features that will insiper you in making of an even better homeDuring these visits it is very vital to take photos of each house you like,from every angle inside and outside, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. These pictures will have details that you may have failed to capture through mere observation.

home design
Actualising the big picture.

Its focus time! At this point you are already specific on what you really want but now you have to consider the following,

-your budget on the house?
-what do you prefer?rural or urban living.

Having answers to this questions is very important as they not only help you to give more and better details to your architech but also stay within your budget too.

This is a very important phase, as it is essential to carefully assess and chose the best place to put up your home. The landscape, its neerness to the freeway and accesibility to utilities. At this point you may need to use the help of a professional in real estate as they will assist you asses the property.

Visit an architech
You will need a proffesional architech. The actual designing of the house requires the architech this will help you realise your dreams and have a lifetime of fullfilment.

You will now need to sketch a floor plan roughly this this makes an idea concrete from being just a concept.

Create a clear floor plan
Here you may wish to apply available softwares which will help you place rooms,windors and even walls. It is very impotant to avoid mistakes as mistakes made in this design phase may cost alot of time and it is even worse if they are carried forwad to building phase and they may cost you more money.

Its time to bring dreams to reality!
You will now need to hire a well experienced designer to take over and finalize the plans,this will be through working hand in hand with the architech and the constructor to see that you have your “dream home” Enjoy the satisfaction and fullfilment of living in your home.